kami TURU, Perusahaan kasur dari Indonesia

We started our journey as a mattress factory specializing in the production of foam raw materials and supplying them to multiple mattress brands in Indonesia. Our initial mission was simple yet ambitious: to elevate the quality of sleep for the Indonesian population by offering premium mattress materials. However, in 2021, we came to the realization that our actions could have a direct and substantial impact on the community – quality sleep on a daily basis can have a very positive impact on a person’s well-being.

As a result, our vision expanded even further – TURU was founded in 2021, aspiring to assist you in achieving quality sleeping experience with cost-effective bedding solutions. This transformation embodies our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our customers through a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep. From us, to you because we are TURU, The Sleep Company.

Redefining Mattress in a Box

Designed and developed to perfection for the utmost comfort of TURU mattress users. Our aspiration is for each and every one of you to experience an elevated standard of sleeping, recognizing that the foundation of a truly excellent life commences with a rejuvenating night’s slumber.

Direct to Consumer

Direct-to-consumer signifies our core business strategy, wherein we, as the primary manufacturers, orchestrate the seamless dispatch of our products directly from the production facility to the consumers, all without the intervention of intermediaries. The essence of our approach lies in its elegant simplicity.

Kita menghabiskan ⅓ waktu perhari untuk tidur. Kenapa tidak pilih kasur yang berkualitas?

10,000+ Better Sleep

Lebih dari 10,000 orang sangat puas dengan pembelian kasur TURU mereka dengan memberikan 5 stars reviews


Kami melakukan riset dan terus mengembangkan produk kami dari hari ke hari demi kualitas tidur kamu


Kami akan berkomitmen terhadap kepuasan pembelian kamu, dan siap membantu kesulitan kamu

Jangan sampai salah pilih ya :)
Kami sangat serius dalam membuat produk dan kualitas tidur kamu